Fake Scriptbloxian Discord Server (PLEASE FLOOD!)

Popup - Discord

Server is impersonating the Roblox group Scriptbloxian Studios, which has no official Discord server. There are also over 6,000 active users in the server, which implies that a botnet was used to artificially inflate the membership.

OWNER: Ghosts#0001 (UID: 726942664896938075)


Associated Discord Account - Demo#9000 (UID: 822504562778439711)

Scammer claims you were reported in the server, urging that you join and submit an appeals ticket. The server is relatively new, having been created on April 15, 2022

These scammers are specifically targeting specific Roblox users in order to steal their accounts.

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On this episode of FACT OR CAP… CAP!

Wasting time with them.

“Rule No 6. No short links, IP Loggers, RATs…” :rofl: :rofl:

First as lonewolves now as even fake servers? Scammers are evolving quickly

Just wanna warn people the scam still exists. They told me to join their server, create a ticket and to share my screen. I kinda fell for it but fortunately I didn’t give any important info and they didn’t send me any link.
The account who DM’d me first was
(with line break)
UID: 711952929627570226

I had problems with them about a year ago. They were super persistent. They went to a bunch of roblox discord servers and tried to get me banned but luckily I managed to prove my innocence in all of them and get them banned. The instant I threatened to get lawyers involved they vanished. I was serious about it too. I was so tired of them throwing my name in the dirt.