Fake Robux server

Popup - ZENT

OWNER - Zent#7322 (UID: 678007648129384498)

Associated Spam Bots (hosted by zael#5058 {UID: 701907770001195009} to raid the Dyno server):
Gamelan4#3664 (UID: 989889299753365555)
Yamipanda#2126 (UID: 990352059779940382)
3rdCosmos#2283 (UID: 989887106572763170)
Anziaz#4343 (UID: 989885718476234822)
DrDisease#1856 (UID: 989888141047521370)

The owner has invited everyone to join their “talent show” at Roblox Talent Show 🎤 - Roblox while also selling Robux and DHC (in-game currency for Da Hood - Roblox

DHC is sold at a rate of 1.5m per dollar or 60 Robux. Robux is sold at a rate of 200 per dollar.