Fake Printer Support

Scam Number: 1-(810) 788-8001
Scammer’s Website or Email: https://solution2fixee.com/

Additional information about this scam: Running fake printer support scam

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Onvoy via Sinch Voice, “Kevin” answered as “suppoat for all the printer company” and wanted me to run UltraViewer (ID: 75720180/DESKTOP-7LQVUPJ, 75676393/DESKTOP-1UFDIL0)

  • Once remotely connected to my virtual machine, “Kevin” opened msinfo32 to check my drivers before falsely claiming I needed to replace my expired drivers for $149 via check, credit card or PayPal.
  • “Kevin” then ran the “tree” command in the Command Prompt after I told him I write the check down, but they only accept “electric payments” and wanted the check to be sent via email, so I gave him false credit card details and was asked to log into my email account.
  • My call was then transferred to his “senior technician from the billing department,” who proceeded to “monitor my activities” and reported my activities to the “HP Department,” so I played her the Bhenchod Song and she responded by attempting to search for my IP address.

The scammers also used (815) 662-0001 (Onvoy via Sinch Voice)