Fake popup 888 324 7457

Scam Number: 888 324 7457
Scammer’s Website or Email: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1032791326523142274/1067169768731312198/image.png
Additional information about this scam:

Hey I am gonna try to call them from google voice later tonight or tomorrow from a virtual machine but I was wondering if you had any other information on this scammer if you do you can message me directly :slight_smile:

Hi there, it’s unlikely the number will last very long, either the scammers turn the number off as all they are getting is baiters and prank calls or the number is reported to the carrier and shut down however, it’s always worth trying whenever you are ready to call.
I don’t have any insight about the scammers I just share the popups our team find.

The URLs don’t last long either, they get reported as part of this process and are subsequently shut down.

alright thanks for the info

all these tech support numbers from yesterdays popups were confirmed active an hour or so ago if you want to try any. you just have to bluff your way around not having the popup.
805-291-8069 Ethan
918-675-3392 Femchode
855-541-2605 Eric
805-291-8069 Ryan
302-223-3702 Malechode
425-222-1292 Microsoft David

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