Fake popup 844-808-8220

Scam Number: 844-808-8220
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:

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Weird! The guy sent me to local best buy to get firewall protection. Sleepy Scammer so tired he sends me to Best Buy instead of scamming me Full Geek Squad scambait call - YouTube

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It just rang once for me

Scam Number: (805) 307-5236‬
Norton refund scam 249.99 auto renewal
Additional information about this scam: I call Mike a Norton refund scammer I’ve had on the line several days and he connects me to Jacob from the frog department to complete the refund. The next few minutes he tries to figure out my forgotten realms dungeon and dragons bank account and talks openly about him and mike trying to rip me off for 200,000. I catch him trying to edit my bank html files and we end up talking about d&d characters for awhile. I keep the conversation pretty civil when he starts to open up about the whole scam and details about his friend and who they work for.