Fake Pop up scam may freeze your computer

The first time I clicked on the pop up it did freeze my vm. In the interest of preventing headaches I will not include the link to the popup scam I will only provide the screen shot of the site.

They pick up the phone and they make sure you have a way to pay them.

number: 18558419900

link to the screenshot: https://i.postimg.cc/Yq9v52fG/pop-Up-Scam1-5-10-2020.png

That is not my ip in the screenshot I am using a vpn.

Update on the popup scam.

They now have it so it does freeze you when you accesses it.

The link is provided in the screenshot below. Please do use a vm to access the link so it does not freeze your main computer.

link to the screenshot: https://i.postimg.cc/QMgF1fr1/pop-Up-Scam2-5-10-2020.png