Fake Pharmacy (877) 922-8811

Received a text message on my scambaiting line two days ago from a SHORT-CODE style ‘caller’ id weirdly (57703) saying "Hey, it’s Amy. Last day for buy 1, get 2 free provarin, europe’s best for fast arousal and super strong climax! Call me, I’ll ship it today! +1 (877) 922-8811"

@OfclyGoodenough @scamterminator2021 @Tillianne @drwat @MajorLeeAwesome @JusticeinTexas Still active & answering now!!! “Frank” answered.

Questions you get asked:
Q1) How old are you?
Q2) Specific concerns; Getting, maintaining an erection or sex drive & stamina.

Told me it’ll cost a whopping $78.90 including shipping via FedEx, 3 bottles of this provarin garbage, three month supply & 1 month free gift supply of testosterone booster trovixa. Told me they have a 30 day money back guarantee for a full refund if I’m unsatisfied, all I have to do is call back the number.


These numbers have been active for about 4 years that I know of

8002483735 Provarin https://provarin.com/

8007496835 Provarin https://provarin.com/

8779228811‬ Provarin https://provarin.com/

They are AKA “Biotogen” and have been Provarin on these numbers also

8555159330 Provarin/Biotagen

8003488784 Provarin/Biotagen


@LordOfTheRings This guy is an idiot, he fell for the “TREVOR PHILIPS” persona. I told him the fake GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 address of 68 Marina Drive, Sandy Shores, Blaine County, San Andreas (ZIP CODE: 91801 = Alhambra, California) as well as giving the bank name as Blaine County Savings & Loan


The exact same botbitch Amy is also on these identical garbage things

8008369235 http://nuvaril.com/ https://donatelotrial.com/
8779287373 http://nuvaril.com/ https://donatelotrial.com/


This is a Bandwidth number. They are fortunately generally quite responsive. Just email them at [email protected]


By the way, here is another scam fake pharmacy that’s been operational for years!

Canadian Pharmacy Scam - 888-682-1109 - Scams / Robo Calls - Scammer Info


There’s these I’d located and forgotten about as well

When you come across so much bullshit on so many numbers it starts to become hard remembering about all of them.

These are all the same thing and wouldn’t surprise me if the same marketing company was behind every one of them with a bunch of different names.

I know for certain that Provarin & Biotagen are the same because they have had their menu and names on the same numbers.

The same goes for Nuvaril & Donatello

8882269884 Trinoxid

8882609527 Trinoxid
8882609534 Trinoxid
8882609538 Trinoxid
8882609539 Trinoxid
8882609540 Trinoxid
8882609541 Trinoxid
8882609542 Trinoxid
8882609543 Trinoxid

8885592867 Trinoxid


Still active! Just received the same exact text, from the same exact SHORT-CODE style id for the same phone number to call.

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