Fake Outlook Support GO CRAZY

Ok so I called here for outlook support, number - +18663568207

i said all my emails were deleted and then he started talking to one of his friends in another language to see if he would be able to scam using this method.(thinking idk what theyre saying) and it turns out they did not know how to resolve this issue and then i asked how does this scam work exactly, he went mad and told me that if they are able to fix the issue then they will scam, however as they were not and i called him a scammer he went mad. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

Also they literallyy go mad they are singing chineese songs and shit.

[“CALL HERE THEY GO CRAZY XD”,“Fake Outlook Support”]

[“Fake Outlook Support”,“Fake Outlook Support GO CRAZY”]

I called them and they went insane because i called them a scam after wasting 30 miniutes of thier time

I’m pretty sure I did these guys last week. They syskeyed my machine.

I can’t seem to get them to answer the phone now


@fakeharm1#14515 Pray for Jake everyone. We were talking about religion and politics for a few hours and he got yanked away from the phone (literally)

@ThatGreeeeen#14632 wait what politics for hours? loooool were they mad at him xD

It says it is not set up to receive calls