Fake Nitro Gen That steals Your token

Discord Server : FREE NITRO GEN - 100%
Owner:coco :heart:#7036
Owner Id:821000935064338474
Source Code Token Logger

Webhook Used:https://discord.com/api/webhooks/908430380644843560/PQE_SEVj1KINUX9UBUkUxp9Cw2jT99B0_BtWaGHU4WEewvzwe917ysjYaA85h4fxmNEV

People who don’t know python opening an python program be like:
A: what the fuck why the nitro not work?
B: Me simple check the code
A: what does tk.IP meaning?
B: it gets your ip address

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I had a friend who almost fell victim to a scam like this. They said they had some kind of Python Nitro crack script or something, and wanted me to see if it’s legit. I opened the Python file and it just sends your IP, user agent, Discord token, device name, and other information to a webhook. I looked at the webhook, and I saw it’s still active, so I spammed @every1 with the webhook :smiley:

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