Fake Microsoft tech support

Got a pop up saying my computer has been hit with a zeus virus. Error code:WBOL157

Phone number: +448006891673. Thank you happy phoning

Link to popup? I’m on the phone to them now. Pretty boring people.

@FOXYCallum1#5653 Also when i confronted them all they did was hang up and then close the session so if you want someone to get angry, these are not the people.

[“Microsoft tech support”,“Fake Microsoft tech support”]


Down now i think.

@FOXYCallum1#5657 Still up, blocking Hangouts, Skype, and seems like FireRTC.

@R34P3R#5658 Oh im not sure, i called on my mobile because its a UK number. They just must of blocked me.

@FOXYCallum1#5660 Could’ve. Try 2035141759

@R34P3R#5661 Leading to the same people?

@FOXYCallum1#5664 Possibly

@R34P3R#5665 Called it in hangouts and it said to leave a voicemail to someone, they sounded in a call centre.

@FOXYCallum1#5671 Same response with firertc

This number has been chosen for the autodialer.

Scammers: If you want this number to be removed, please call the number below.

@FOXYCallum1#5671 Haha that’s my UK number. Pasted the wrong thing

@Jnteamed#5674 How about if they want the number to be removed they have to record a video of everyone in the call center singing a song of your choosing and then post it on youtube.

@memes#5679 Even worse, They have to dress up (see the icon on the left) like this. And say what I wanted them to say.

That is some expensive punishment, And it teaches them a lesson.

But i will let this number posted here a little slack.

Scammers: To remove numbers here in this post

Fix all the errors in my VM for free within 10 minites.


Sing this (Sword art online intro) with a 99.99% accuracy, NO EDITING ALLOWED.

@R34P3R#5677 Oh haha.