Fake Microsoft Tech Support

Website: </s>http://microsoft.com-msoft58.info<e>

Phone #: +18885376977


LOL I just scambaited them for 25 minutes. They tried to run syskey, but it’s fake: I wrote a program that replaces syskey with a Indian Tech Support Scammer DETECTED! LOL… they kept running syskey and the warning popped over the screen and I hopped into chat and said, “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

@raytech70#218 seems like Malcom Merlyn’s anti scammer toolset

No, I created a fake syskey.exe using AutoIT. I also created a dllrun.exe that hides in the background and pops up the warning with a shortcut key and turns it off with another. It’s funny as hell: it shows two well known Indian Tech Support Scammer pictures and an alert that drives them nuts!