Fake Microsoft Tech Support 1-844-307-0924

I clicked on a google ad when searching Best Buy and came across these scammers, here is the site: http://alert-suspicious-activity.info/urgent/#

Here is the phone number: 1-844-307-0924

Not working for me


Dead number.

The number on the fake popup is different: and it works… just wasted 45 minutes of their time!

@raytech70#1011 Interesting, not sure why OP posted a number different from the popup.

Got em for an hour!

i call them get hold music and they hang up on me

@iChutya#1012 Because the number to call on the browlock page changed since the post?

This popup is confusing, when you click it, it goes into another popup, which links you to going in full-screen, which I can see how people get easily fooled by this one, they also block your cursor, its so dumb, but they thought very well with this one.

@NickD4569#1035 The other number is +1-844-283-9465