Fake Microsoft Support

I’m very sorry, but I weren’t able to take a screenshot of this fake virus site. I will be calling them in an hour when I have set up my VM Machine.

Please do give em' hell while I'll get my programs ready!

Number: +31 78-79-31-80

Note: I got the popup while I was watching some videos. I had to reload the site a few times before I got the fake tech support site: hxxp://www3.kiss-anime.me

Go into any kind of anime and press play. You will get a popup instantly. Hope you enjoy baiting those damn scammers!

What type of number is that?

@FuelDaFlame#7841 I live in Denmark. Its a danish number, but the fake tech support can speak English.

@76561198092788864#7852 Make sure to add the country code.

Can somebody post the link to the popup? I’m not getting it with a Netherlands IP.

@scraps210#7857 Oh a post code for this scam is 2100. I don’t know why you would want it but there you go ^^


He doesn’t have it @memes#7860

@76561198092788864#7861 I meant this: +31 before the number :wink: