Fake Microsoft support pop-up and number

found a good one.

they only take checks.


The number is 888-410-4963
change the ip in the url to whatever you want if you wold like.

spam or try to get them shut down.


I showed hem how smart i was and he didn't say anything.
Showed hem how to code in vb html and he took the code and sent it to himself.

please check out my channel. i will have the video up soon

have fun scambating.

I just called and the number worked. They still use Teamviewer and they give you their partner ID

I was going to delete all the files but I didn't think about it when it actually came around

number is dead im sure not working on firertc or skype

LOL, I just jacked them for 45 minutes and he was screaming at me! I use google voice, so that’s works-- the number is not dead-- they are closed right now, so I’ll do them again, and again, and again!


Pisses them off!

Look at my YouTube channel. Search for: "modderphuckers"



it works