Fake Microsoft Support #3

Phone: 1-888-324-0668

Website: http://microsoft.com-tech91.info/?num=888-324-0668

It redirects me to http://www.iyogi.com/ and gives the phone number +18777700329

@Dixie#885 you have to have a certain cookie to get the pop up.


Which cookie? How to obtain such cookie?

@ScorpioNick#888 When you click on a link on something like an advertisement on Google search (but it’s actually linking to a popup page), a “cookie” is set up on your computer/browser (to imply that you visited from a link) before the popup page screen shows. The popup page checks if the cookie is setup, and if the check fails, the page redirects to a website like Google. This is made to prevent scambaiters from calling in possibly.

It cannot be 'obtained', unfortunately.

The number that @Dixie#885 put up works

yep just checked and it brang me to that iyogi site ? but why is it yogi?


@Dixie#885 +18777700329

oh boi I do not kno why

@iChutya#889 Cheers, that makes sense; sort of an authentication that you’re a real victim (in the sense that you got there the way they intended).

@iChutya#889 What I do Is I run an Ubuntu server in VMware workstation, that is a LAMP server that hosts a fake popup created with Adobe Fireworks. I make it so I can change the number on the fly to be the number of the latest numbers posted here. That way I can “fake” a fake popup by entering a fake website like microsoft.com-tech105.info/index2.html entry in the host table pointing to my local webserver.

It fools the scammers 99% of the time (100% so far for me) ha ha ha!