Fake Microsoft Scammers


["Microsoft ",“Fake Microsoft Scammers”]


hmm I called and it sounded exactly like an official Microsoft number. The robot asked if I needed PC, Tablet, or Xbox Support. I asked for Xbox Support and they transferred me to official Xbox Support. I looked up the number and people say it’s still a scam.

I’m so conflicted, this is either a real help-desk or an absolutely great fake

I called it some robot voice helped me and crap, told me to go to Microsoft.com/mobiles

It’s a scam. It isn’t helping you resolve Microsoft related issues, it is helping you figure out how to get real Microsoft to help you.

I believe that this number is set up to have incoming calls forwarded to the real Microsoft number to avoid prank calls, and one can only reach the scammers if the call is made from them. I don’t see why the scammers would copy the entire IVR system since it would be expensive for the scammers to do that. These scammers are probably the smarter ones.

@FuelDaFlame#8477 You can actually reach a support rep, and judging by the rep’s accent doesn’t appear to be a scammer.

I don’t think it is a scammer, the number might be owned by a scammer, but the support might actually be legitimate microsoft.