Fake Microsoft Popup



Asked if they want me to pick up their trash up in a Dan Devito voice. He wasn’t too happy lol.

Public who.is information of the scammer which may or may not be accurate:

Name: Mohit Nigam
Address: F-807, KDP Savanna
City: Ghaziabad
State / Province: Uttar Pradesh
Postal Code: 201005
Country: IN
Phone: +91.9268088978

@HumorousCharles#11254 nice gd job

Is the who.is info real?

@HumorousCharles#11254 You left out the most important thing - the email.

Email: [email protected]

Which turns up some interesting things:

@memes#11293 you from finland? Coz the .fi suffix. Just asking

@Ryan#11300 No that’s just a myth.


Don't mention how i ''accidentaly'' blow into my mic ;)'

And yes i'm 13.

That was my 4th call with them. btw

And idk why my mic quality is so bad...

EDIT : Forgot to mention that i had to call his personal number. That number is 18556877111

You realize that a personal number isn’t supposed to be toll free? @8BitBaiter#11313


I’ve called scammer’s numbers that claim I called them on their personal phone late at night. I knew they were lying.

Maybe they did the same thing with him.

@Flame#11330 I just didnt say that right .-. He said i had to call again, but to that number…sorry for the miss-understanding

That makes more sense.