Fake lawyer scam - 8664152721

(866) 415-2721 and (833) 310-2561. They call numerous times a day always saying an iteration of “This is the second time we have tried to reach you in your home state (LOL cant even name the state) regarding a ‘legal matter’.” No case number, no company name, no information. Just a fucking scam. If you call back and tell them to knock it off, they get pissed. So have fun with this one, guys.

A very unpleasant lady answered. Refused to give her name and location.

@OutboundOperator#94600 Sounds about right

I just called and there was an asshole who stuck to a very strict script. When I was spelling out my email I said “P as in penis” and the rep didn’t even flinch.

["I have been harassed several times daily by these jerks. ",“Fake lawyer scam - 8664152721”]


@OutboundOperator#94600 Wow!! Very unpleasant!