Fake IRS number: 1217-299-7567

This seems to be a new fake IRS number: 1217-299-7567

This number is still active!

Doing a slow burn … calling many times with one connection … here’s one …


One m
ore because this one is really funny … well, to me it is … :stuck_out_tongue:


One more because this one is really funny … well, to me it is … :stuck_out_tongue:


@Philmuhcrackin#38783 I dialed later part of the evening and heard a hacked message warning about an Indian scammer.

@devnull#38789 How do you do that?

@drwat#38421 I called them. Talked to John Cheste. He was hard to understand. He asked me for my zip code about five times before I could understand what he was saying. He then told me not to interrupt him. I interrupted him when he said my drivers license would be suspended. I kept asking him why I won’t be able to drive. Then I told him to go to a quieter place and he hung up on me. Here is the recording:


This scammer fake John Chester is pathetic.

You are on a recordable line LOL

@RATSCAMMERS#39216 - do what in particular?

After hours one hears a hacked message sating that this is a slumdog Indian scammer.