Fake IRS 866-591-4944 and (929) 800-4054

Received today a robo voice message with caller ID (929) 800-4054 but the message states to call 866-591-4944 .

message (female voice): .... information message from the federal IRS. We are going to issue the arrest warrant against your name for tax fraud because ..... tax papers... we have found you guilty there and there is a lawsuit has been filed against your name so immediately call back our department member to stop the arrest warrant if you are innocent the department number is 866-591-4944.

Called once, guy hung up immediately. Called again on a different number, the line is busy. Will keep trying

I got through once, The guy ask me for my name. I guess he did not like the name, so hung up. So changed my caller id number and tried again. Now I can not get them to answer. Have tried this a couple times. So I will try ack later. The number I got though to was 1-866-591-4944. Hey everyone lts have some fun…

@drwat#57947 Out of service -Boo Hoo!

I think the phone number (929) 800-4054 stopped taking calls and now after 15 rings we hear a hacked voice message.

Tuning busy, may be out of service.