Fake IRS 727-362-3982

Fake IRS agents 727-362-3982

Phone robo message: This message is intended to contact you in regards to a legal case filed against your name this is Officer Michelle wife from the Internal Revenue Service this call is officially a final notice from the I.R.S. the nature and the purpose of this call is to inform you that we have received legal petition notice concerning a tax fraud against you so before this matter goes to the Federal Claims court house or before you get arrested please call immediately on our department number 727-362-3982 Make sure you call us as soon as possible.

Funny… When they do not pick up the phone for about 15 rings, hacked voice greeting is heard mentioning that they are “slumdog Indian scammers”.

Today I hear a mimic of cat’s meow in the message greeting. Funny

@drwat#42166 thats what i just got