Fake insurance telemarketing

Scam Number: numbers listed in photo fake medical insurance company American insurance something……
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this call:

Oh my good I’m going to crazy. I’m usually not a fan of scambaiting this group. But they have been calling consistently for over a week. If anyone knows how to shut them down please make it happen. They are calling on my Skype voip number and it hasn’t stopped. I beg that someone knows how to take care of them. Thanks everyone you guys are awesome


They pester me non-stop everyday too, though mostly on my burners thankfully. They just keep switching their numbers. My advice is don’t pickup if it’s your real number.


Just do exactly as @Jhawk said…if you answer their calls, they list your number as active and they’ll keep calling forevermore
If you never answer then they will give up and take your number out of their robodial list


@Jhawk and @BiggusPrickus, in terms of my home VOIP phone number receiving bunches of calls, if I have a message machine and I am at home, should I still not answer the phone at all or will their system consider my answering machine to mean that my number is active?

Sometimes I will answer “suspicious” calls to my home VOIP phone number but already have my thumb over the hole on the cordless handset into which my voice goes so that the robo call hears only silence and therefore eventually they might remove my home VOIP phone number. Of course sometimes when I am at home I do not get to the home VOIP phone in time when it is ringing and therefore my message machine starts, though sometimes there is no phone message left for me.


Answering machine is active for them…it still delivers their bullshit message and a number to call back sometimes other than the neighbour spoofed number they robocall with


Thanks much, @BiggusPrickus.
I was trying if I am at home and if I can answer the phone before my VOIP msg machine starts to record a msg to make their system think that my phone number is not active by answering the phone with complete silence by putting my thumb over the hole into which sound goes.

I was thinking that my message machine starting will make their system know that it is an active number.

Sometimes I am not even home of course, so I cannot prevent my VOIP msg machine from starting.

My home VOIP phone number is my PRIMARY phone number. I have had the same VOIP phone number for MANY years, for at least 20 years if not more.

My cell phone is my secondary phone number. I usually only use it for my TextNow to mess with scammers. Usually at home and when I leave the house, my cell phone is turned off. I turn it on every so often to see if it needs to be charged.


Yes @BiggusPrickus & @Hviezdoslav, totally concur with that! :+1:


Yeah dead silence might make them believe it’s a silent number :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Many numbers behave like that …it connects but there is nothing there


good advice. always use a VoIP such as google voice.


Since this forum has been posted. More numbers have come through. Where are the numbers being bought from? I swear this is illegal? My Skype isn’t my primary number. Actually it’s what I used when I use to live in China to communicate with family. It will discontinue early next year. I like using it as my temp scammer number but it’s getting ridiculous that all I receive is calls from this fkn company.


My question is are they worth baiting :joy:. Because it seems they get triggered quickly. So now it’s hard to know if it’s a refund number or fake ssa. I’ll bait them maybe one day I’ll see how far I can take them… But I really don’t know how far it can really go

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I have blanked out one of the numbers because it was a legitimate victim’s phone number


I ask you members to not call the number that I’ve blanked out of the post. He’s still getting harassment calls. Also please don’t post the number here

I’m sorry if that number was legit but I feel I was certain at the time that it was those stupid telemarketers calling me. No one real has called my Skype number ( but good to know )

Again my apologies if one of those numbers was a real number

Hey guys be careful. These scammers are spoofing numbers. I called them back and it went to someone’s voicemail.