Fake Hulu (855) 649-6040

Scam Number: (855) 649-6040
Scammer’s Website or Email: Hulu Code
Additional information about this scam:


(855) 649-6040 Eric answered

New Delhi IP

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callback: 888-368-2040 they big mad :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


(888) 368-2040 Alex answered


“What is the problem that you seem to be having?”
I accidentally said Netflix, then corrected to “oh yeah, you guys are running the Hulu scam today!” Not even a moment of hesitation on his part.

He’s instructing me to download Any Desk onto my Android Phone

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Now they are answering as PayPal

… now it’s just ringing - no answer

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New number (862) 420-9899


(862) 420-9899 Sandra answered

(272) 233-3410 Called me back

2 Scammers name fake Alex using Email [email protected] to send me answering now for my fake name Martha (855) 649-6040 and was kind enough to give me a call back at 951-447-4453. Want your credit card info and to get into your banking information even when I said my Boyfriend wasn’t home.

they use Zoho Assist - Remote Support session sent to my fake boyfriends email Mike Rotch

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(855) 649-6040 Active Ring’s then busy signal
(951)-447-4453 Active Ring’s then TN VM

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The site is running wordpress lol

Damn, Hulu y’all can’t be broke everyone’s rates just went up.

I’m going to do a hard scan of their web backend and see if I can drum anything up.

The phone number comes up as an AT&T mobile number.

"valid": true,
"number": "18086492493",
"local_format": "8086492493",
"international_format": "+18086492493",
"country_prefix": "+1",
"country_code": "US",
"country_name": "United States of America",
"location": "Lanai City",
"carrier": "AT&T Mobility LLC",
"line_type": "mobile"

Updated number on the website (also in another reply which I forgot to check lol): (808)-649-2493

Endless ringing at the moment, probably because it’s off-hours since its the early morning for Americans right now

looks like these clowns are active again 844-676-0101 they are using teamviewer to connect to phones and computer this time

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heres the call with them

AweSun: Free Remote Support Software is also what they are using to connect

Active 4:25 PM ET 9/6/2022

With these guys, when they answer the phone as “Steve” or “Kevin” I work through a list of Indian names.

“Hey Steve, can I speak with Kumar? No? How about Rajeev? No? Then can you put me on with Kamal? No? Maybe Ramesh can help me. No? Well then, are Kunal or Bagwan available? Ok, how about…” and so on.

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lol nice

Geo Location

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This is Delhi. Very near Mahatma Gandhi memorial.

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