Fake Google Photos Spam email

Im not really sure what this spam email is trying to achieve, possibly a phishing scam? The all of the links go to some sort of Japanese aviation website but trying to access the site just leads to an infinite redirect loop.

Google searching the address brings up the site as the first result and I put the preview text into google translate, it seems to be about buying or selling items. If you can figure out what this is about I’m genuinely curious to know!

PS There was images attached at to the email at one point but they appear to be broken

From: [email protected] supershows . ca
Google Photos
Your photo takes first place (link embedded: airpower-aviation.com/raymondvillek.php?lo
Wed 3 June 2020 04:41

3 photos,1 album
F.A.Q. (Link embedded is the same as above)



cash app scammer

@victoria_marigal#143588 PLEASE stop posting the same scam multiple times and also under scams that have nothing to do with what you are posting.