Fake Geek Squad Refund Scam 417-201-4252

Scam Number: 417-201-4252
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam:

Hello valuable customer,

Your services have been upgraded to #Geek# premium services.

Renewal charges of $ 299.39 have been deducted out of your account.

To upgrade/cancel your plan contact us now.

Invoice No. : FRE342-908%CR565_99

Here is your Receipt:

Item : Geek Security

Price : $299.39

Validity: 1 Year

Issue With the transaction? Connect with us +1 {417 /201 /4252}

Thanks & Regards,

Billing Team

417-201-4252 Male Wednesday 4-5-23 4:13PM EST
Translation please @drwat

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Yes bro, not many genuine calls…

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