Fake Geek Squad Order

Scam Number: 818-538-3362

Go get them!

818-538-3362 David Thursday 4-4-24 1:02PM EST


Level 3 number, “Dennis” answered as “Geek Squad Customer Service” and told me to throw my computer out the window.

AnyDesk ID: 1316758045/“Geek Squad”
AnyDesk Password: 1234apple

  • I called the number back and “John” handled multiple Skype calls while falsely claiming I signed up for a 2-year free trial to “the Geek Squad” when I bought my computer, prompting me to “cancel” by “opening the Google Chrome” and download AnyDesk.
  • Once “John” remotely connected to my virtual machine, my call was transferred to his “senior billing manager, Thomas,” who falsely claimed the call was recorded for “quality assurance purposes with the IRS Department and the Better Business Bureau.”
  • I was then asked to log into my nonexistent bank account. Since I don’t do online banking, I was asked to register for an Xe account for a wire transfer, so I tunak’d him and played the Bhenchod Song.

just called out of service pog