Fake Garmin, HP, TomTom and Wifi support

I’ve come across some fake websites which appear high up on google search results when you look for the appropriate term. The websites have a chat option which is operated by the scammers. They will try to get remote access to your computer.

The fake websites (and phone numbers) are:
https://hpprintersupportservice.com (+1-833-781-7797)
https://printersupports.online (+1-833-781-7797)
https://garminupdatenow.online (+44 29-2188-5555)
https://tomtomgopre.online (+44 29-2188-5555)
https://navmanupdate.online/ +61 251040000
https://contactaolhelp.com/ (+1-844-881-7888)
https://navman-gpsupdate.online/ (+61 0251040000)
http://navmanupdates.com/ ( +61 1800-144-723)
https://www.wifiextenderhelp.com/ (+1-855-690-8180)

I've uploaded those phone numbers to bobrtc.tel, so happy calling!


how can i call them without using my phone number

@vimaltheking#135923 I would recommend getting a free second phone number app. I personally use TextNow for calling these scam numbers. Hopefully this helps!

@JimBrowning11#135918 Excellent. :blush:

You doing Great man… I am from India if You need any help feel free to contact me… [email protected]

@JimBrowning11#135918 You doing Great man… I am from India if You need any help feel free to contact me… [email protected]

Another number that can be added is 929-800-2602 and looks like a fresh one. Found a few ads and they are not very old:

https://garminmapupdatefreedownload.blogspot.com (March 15)
https://medium.com/@erikbrown803/roku-activation-link-support-1-929-800-2602-1d589047fd63 (March 22)

When we dial +1-833-781-7797, we hear:

Indian scammers will cheat you!

https://hpprintersupportservice.com (+1-833-781-7797)
https://printersupports.online (+1-833-781-7797)

@JimBrowning11 I overheard this repeated message from a good Samaritan “Delhi girl”

audio: http://chirb.it/Gn0hKt

@JimBrowning11#135918 2nd last website http://navmanupdates.com/ is actually Australian phone number (+61 1-800-144-723)

Found who 929-800-2602 belongs to:

eRoadsi Digital Technology & Solutions Pvt Ltd
M-1 (Ground Floor), Old DLF Colony, Sec-14, Gurgaon, 122001
+91 999-007-1662
116 S. Scott Ave., Tucson, Az, 85701

Same Arizona address:

Erik Brown (Director)
USA:116 S Scott Ave,
Tucson, AZ 85701

[email protected]
+1 (805) 399-2981, +1 (805) 334-3740

Chitra Kashyap (CEO)
Didlaukio g-59, Vilnius, 08329


@MKHNT#135959 This number 929-800-2602 is seen in these websites;


M-1 (Ground Floor), Old DLF Colony, Sec-14, Gurgaon. Postal Code: 122001 +91 999-007-1662


i need a software to call them plz tell me

@MKHNT#135959 Man, its true i am not very old to know how these scammers work, you just found 2 post and start judging, yes i tried the way once, to know the gravity of platform they use, I am against whole tech support business running from India, i saw the change in culture due to this unhuman practice. These scammer spoiled the whole IT Industry & business that we getting from USA, UK etc , yes jimbrowning is my idle. & by the way we are one of the repudiated member of NASCOM India.

& Keep Doing :slight_smile:


@drwat#135961 Indian scammers will cheat you!

This is precious. My dream, to get into their call director and change the "greeting".

Congratulations to whoever did this.

@vimaltheking#135923 You can use Skype, but you can’t call ALL of them.

@vimaltheking#135923 google hangouts

@vimaltheking#135969 Use BobRTC and TextNow

@vimaltheking#135923 *67 works

@drwat#136077 thanks bro i used textnow it worked but BObRTC is not working whenever login with discord it goes to previous tab