Fake Fakebook Fraudsters

Scam Number: 805-515-4933
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Fake Facebook fraud


I ask the guy if he was Facebook, he took a long pause and asked me if that’s who I was calling. I said yes. He said yes this is Facebook. I was trying to figure out more about the scam when he lost his temper, started in with the racial nonsense, calling me the n-word & cursing, half in English half in Hindi

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How did you get through? I am calling and it’s endless ringing…

805-515-4933 … A guy just answered with an annoyed and suspicious, “Who’s this?” Well, instead of trying to fish around to see how to bait his Facebook scam, I could not resist answering his question.

I’m the maderchod who dry-f!!ks your mother’s a!s for 5 Rupees on G. B. Road in Delhi. That is approximately 14 American cents. What a cheap rundi whore your mother is! Dry-f!!k means I do not use lubrication. I like to see your mother’s rectum bleeeeeed. I like to see your mother’s sphincter bleeeeed."

After I stopped, he said something angrily in English I think but I could not understand him. He hung up before I could continue having fun with him.

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I just tried calling for the 2nd time from my TextNow number. The phone call rang for a little over 1 minute but then the busy signal started.