Fake Dell Technical Support

Hi Everyone:)

I've recently finished with this company named simply as "Dell Supports" they also claim to offer Google Chrome support alongside Mozilla Firefox.

Just to let you know they use GoToAssist and get you to do the usual Windows Key + R nonsense. They also ask for a callback number when you call.

Methods they used:
Event Viewer - Lied about infections.
Command Prompt (DIR Command) Claimed I had 8725 infections/6 hackers/no security on computer.
Msconfig - Usual Stopped Services nonsense.

Tried to charge me $150 for non-existent issues to be fixed - also to install Microsoft Security Essentials also.

The number is 844-824-9211 works with FireRTC also ask for Martin Luther - tried to Syskey after I confronted him.

Websites from Scammer:

Have Fun:)

But the question is that how did you “finish” that company?

I will.

Were you on a dell computer lol

No, a vm with a broken dell logo.

@ParodyGordon#6751 I mean I just finished a video on them - Scambaiting - sorry for confusion!