Fake debt collection agency (they get angry)


Found on BadNumbers.info

You sure this is real? I spoke to a lady who hung up after I asked if it’s the debt collection agency.

@SuperLinkBro#10447 Yeah I Googled the number, they act all arrogant and I’ve seen a few people say they are being harassed by this fake company

@Flinty94#10449 OK then.

@SuperLinkBro#10450 Keep calling them and a few different people will answer :stuck_out_tongue:

@Flinty94#10451 keep getting the same lady who keeps hanging up on me lol

Lol this lady though.


@SuperLinkBro#10455 Wow :smiley: Crazy lady

@SuperLinkBro#10455 that was a good laugh


Yeah I know I wasn’t expecting that lol

haha told them i smoked crystal meth with her yester day and all kind of yellow gelly is sliping out of my ass hole if she could help me suck it up xDD