Fake CRA d'jour: 289-933-3479

2019/05/07: 10:50 AM EDT 289-933-3479 TELUS Mobility, Hamilton, ON. Hung up when I said it was too early for my 2019 taxes.


2019/05/07: 2:25 PM EDT AM EDT 289-933-3479 TELUS Mobility, Hamilton, ON

I called them back callerID spoofing 289-659-3313 another fake CRA number...


All idiots from Nagaland. When I call I tell them my name is Justin Trudeau, provide them a social SECURITY number, call from a US area code, and they still fall for it. But I have noticed they take down #s a lot laster than a few months ago.

I have giving the address of Canada’s Parliament buildings a few time, but noted the last time the Naga said it was the Canada’s Parliament. So they are Googling the addresses.