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@thunder#3659 Spammed the crap out of them with this - YouTube

They were quite polite though.

This number is great! I googled the number, and they have a bunch of fake websites from microsoft, to google, to hotmail, to hp, to printer support! I spammed the crap out of them for an hour an a half through a text chat! I was also able to grab their IP, and found some info on them.

Once I found out who owns the main domain from the payment site, I was able to search the name with the town in india that the ip was in, and found that the guy was arrested in 2010 for scamming people!

At the near end of the chat when I said the gig was up (after spending 10 minutes "trying" to get my credit card right" I said I know who they are, and their ip, yadda yadda, and she answered with saying the ip reroutes every 5 minutes. Then when I pasted the name of the guy that was arrested, she stopped typing and defending her self, and then left the chat.

Here is their IP Address:

ISP: Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Domain it is registered under: AJITHKUMAR Janardhanan
Article about him getting arrested: Article: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-kerala/Job-scam-accused-in-police-custody/article15597684.ece

Read the chat here! http://dumptext.com/cGhV50ZH

@dan122334455#3669 oh, and I called in asking to get my hotmail reset, and ended up having a virus that needed to be remotely fixed! Turns out my ip address was hacked! lmao

hello ‘‘steve’’ LOL TFTL(thanks for the listing)?

called again doing the “hotmail not working” crap again, and this time he told me how to reset my password and thats all I need to do. He spend a minute over the phone telling me how to reset it… I guess not all these guys are a holes lmao

These scammers have new numbers on https://avast.antivirussupport.ca


https://bobrtc.live/phonebook/dial/18552546999 Might be a small scam operation as they don’t always answer calls.



Fake Geek squad tech support



live chat is still active.

Live chat still active