Fake Amazon Prime renewal

Just received the following email:

“Your Prime membership is Renewing on June 5, 2024 Reff#26851012”

Hi Customer,

Your Amazon Prime Membership is set to renew on June 5, 2024. However, we’ve noticed that the payment method associated with your Prime membership is no longer valid.
To update the default payment method or choose a new one for your membership, please click on the button below and follow the on-screen instructions.

The link refers to a google doc at NIGVWSEOGWSMEDVWNEER - Google Drawings ,

which links to the phishing site


which asks for everything – social security number, mother’s maiden name, password, date of birth, address, credit card info etc.

I tried entering some info from fakenamegenerator.com but it does seem to run some validation on the credit card number and wouldn’t let me proceed with a fake number. Very dangerous.

Update: four hours later, it seems like the main phishing site has been disabled.