Facebook "Security Fee / Premium" support - 850- 290-8367

These guys wanted to verify my Facebook account for only $499.00, claiming they are Facebook support. Lol.

850- 290-8367

I got him on video as well:

What is this? I am almost running out of 5g LTE

@Jnteamed#7460 Facebook support wanting to offer Facebook Premium.

You sure do have a lot of numbers


I'm finding them literally by querying this on Google:


That is crazy of how you do it.

@trustednerd just make sure you aren’t reposting any numbers that are already on the site. You can plug the number into the search bar and check.

@1337mathster#7492 Yep I’m checking that as well =) These numbers are literally brand new part of an SEO attack on FreshDesk and other websites.

I might create a program that just compiles a list of urls from those queries. The thing is that the use will need a proxy list to bypass bot detection.

@FuelDaFlame#7505 Oooh! If you do that, please share the program!