Facebook Romance Scammer - "Sindra SA"

Associated Facebook Account - Sindra SA (facebook.com)


Scammer will send random friend requests to victims, only to later ask them a series of questions through Messenger. Questions asked include “How are you doing??” and “Where are you from??.”


I then asked her why she’s contacting me on Messenger, and the scammer attempted to evade my questions by responding “okay dear” and “yes baby.” I then got a response from her in regards to why she’s communicating with me, as she “just wants to be friends.”


I then decided to call her out about the fishy behavior, and all she responded with was “yes baby.” Thus, I told her off for being a possible romance and/or 419 scammer, only for her to respond once more with “yes baby.”

Of note is the scammer’s profile picture, which is that of Television reporter Katie Banks. And when I scoured through the scammer’s Facebook posts, I found that a lot of what she shared comes from Nigerian users and companies.

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