Facebook market adverts

Hi Beatle here,

I was going post this in scams but as it’s my first post I wasn’t sure what exactly to do so I thought I’d mention it here.

I’ve been shopping for a garage work bench and tool chest for some time and have seen quite a few adverts on FaceBook Market Place for 72" roller workbenches at unbelievable discounts and I know they’re scams but I found one that accepted American Express and they also used Stripe which has a very good policy of charge backs, so I went for it. I paid the £63 (charged in $) and waited to see what happened. I received a order confirmation and estimated delivery and eventually the all important tracking info, which was on https://www.17track.net Needless to say the workbench was being “shppied” from China and never arrived. Amex were very good and did the chargeback and I have my £63 and hopefully Stripe have taken it from the scammers but I didn’t stop there.

I had a look at every Tool Chest advert on the Market Place and found 4 accounts that are basically the same, they all use Account names with -US at the end, and all use the same web server which is also hidden behind Cloud Flare DNS, so I raised a support ticket with CF to let them know.

I’ve reported all of the advertising accounts and adverts for eagh account to FB but probably won’t here anything from them.

I think this should be stopped and FB should take more responsibility for what they allow to be advertised on their platform.


The rule of thumb I always go for is to never, ever trust an advert on the internet especially from facebook and google. glad to hear you got your $63 back. Facebook rarely take down advertisements that break their terms of service.

I didn’t trust it, I new it was a scam and I went in with my eyes wide open and the knowledge that I could recover my money and hopefully hinder the scammers through the chargeback with stripe.