Facebook/HP printer scammers

So I called up a scam number ‪(866) 333-9893 they were Facebook scammers and they went through the whole thing that my computer had some scary hackers and when the scammer connected to me the first scammer had the name DD Enterprises and IP address then as he was opening cmd he told me that someone will call me back then another number shows up ‪(855) 378-6755‬ and as the other scammer still had control of the VM he entered in another code on LogMeIn another company name called RKK One Touch Solutions appeared and then another IP address then the scammer told me to make a payment to Bookpads Software LLC aka Bookpads Software Solutions LLC.
and as I was looking up all these names I basically got nothing but I kept searching and another name appeared called RKK Infosystems Private Limited with the same logo as RKK One Touch Solutions it was hard to find where they’re at. All I know is that these scammers are somewhere in Delhi but I got so many locations of them so it will be great if someone can help me out with pinning the actual location. The bosses names are Amandeep Singh and Baljeet Kaur these scammers had some websites. When googling 866-333-9893 they also run an HP Printer Scam.


Right now, the best thing you can do to stop them at least temporarily is to report their website to the domain registrar.
In this case, it’s Wild West Domains. You can report them by sending an email to [email protected]. Send as much proof as you have about the scam, and they’ll probably take it down.

They are Punjabi family Baljeet Kaur is female.
They are in west Delhi.

163, 2nd Floor Ambica Vihar, Paschim Vihar Delhi New Delhi DL 110087