Face book logins being stolen!


your error code is ms-sysinfo32
make sure to say HI

they can tell im using a vm. does anyone have any prebuilt vms?

@iScam#64371 Its quite easy to make your VM stealthy. The little icon in the bottom right corner of your VM’s

desktop is a dead giveaway. So try to disable that icon. If you’re using any OS over Windows XP, try to play around with the registry. There is an application that can change system info but it only works on VirtualBox VMs. There are many tutorials out there and it is much better you learn how to do it than use a prebuilt one.

@iScam#64371 Btw did they happen to provide you with their company website or company name. Can’t get much info with the reverse lookup. If not I’ll try to call them later at 12am (my time)

This guy saw my vm and said that I should die