F-Tech Support Scam

Company Name: F-Tech Support

Phone: 1-888-270-9663

Website: freetechsupport.co

Their free tech support consists of:
- hh h
- tree
- eventviewer
- ipconfig
- Going to Wikipedia to tell you about the Zeus wirus
- telling you that for them to actually help, you have to pay $500 for 3 years of tech support and if you don't pay they will syskey you

**It's in their company name, F*** Tech Support**

Oh and guys, Rahj works really hard 24/7 running a billing department, being a senior level 5 mircosoft technician, and being a total scammer. Show him support by putting ransomware on his computer that make him pay back every cent he's stolen.

Just what they always wanted, distribute it As is.


To open the JN file rename JN to exe

@Jnteamed#6192 What is that?

JNTeamed Ransomeware @lz3bluThiccJ#6343

@lz3bluThiccJ#6343 Don’t worry, the link already expired.

@FuelDaFlame#6345 Don’t spoil it.

Jnteamedfreecreditcards.exe @Jnteamed#6387

I believe they changed there website. I was on a scammer hunt, and googled there number, and found this. The website here is different then where I got this number from. It is https://solanki-infotech.com/technical-support.html

Hmm the number is from TollFreeForwarding.com.

Some scammers use the same number on multiple sites

They really want to save a lot of money.

$5 per call isn’t saving money

Then we call them every second and hang up after?

Number now goes to a travel vacation scammer for a free cruise.

I want a free cruise. Is it carnival?

They (Nintendo) switched their number. So it can be reused and recycled.

@FuelDaFlame#6185 So you know their email so i can spam it fill ?

Hello. I will call the company right away and try to rat them. Please provide me with some more personal info if you can. I have a Mastercard.exe virus. If I can get one of them to install it their hole computer is mine. ^^

“their hole computer is mine.” Why would we give you any information, you should be able to get it on your own if you are a pro haxor

@FuelDaFlame#7584 Heres the thing. I’m not a pro hacker. I have never said that I’m a pro hacker. Ratting is very simple and the hardest part is to get some to download a virus. If I was a pro hacker, then I would’t be asking for information.

@76561198092788864#7592 We don’t talk about illegal activities here. Stick to posting numbers and other info only.