Extortion Scam (with bitcoin address) - [email protected]

I got an email from a scammer threatening that they had webcam video of me masturbating (I don’t have a webcam on my computer, lol) and that they would send it to my contacts if I didn’t send them bitcoin to an address. Here is the info from that email. (Please note that I have included a screenshot, but I have removed my name from the screenshot for privacy.)
Email address (could be spoofed though): Erica Thompson [email protected]
Email body:
I’m really curious to know whether you have any hobbies besides masturbation?

U must believe you are a normal individual, but I want to disappoint you, cuz adequate individuals do not practice such nasty things.

Perhaps you have to think about the fact that it is worth spending ur life with greater benefit and personally enhance?

I am not qualified to assess ur actions and judge ur sick passion.

The reason I managed to access to your web camera and copy the contact list from ur email is terrible protection of ur device.

I’d visit a physician if I had similar habit, in any way, it is ur personal issue.

bc1qkddgkfgax62xl395xkq0jdc77fd4hwsdg9arar Bit coin, 1174 $.

U gotta know that I’ll see when you open my notification, and at that point the countdown will start.

I promise to send your video to your contacts within 92 h, if u dare to neglect me.