Extortion Email from [email protected]

On 5/3/2023 at 9:40 PM, I received an email.

The email was sent from [email protected]

Here are the contents of the email:


I have successfully managed to hack your operating system and currently I have gained full access to your device.

In addition, I was secretly monitoring all your activities and watching you for several months.
The thing is your device was infected with harmful spyware due to the fact that you had visited a website with porn content previously.
╭ ᑎ ╮

Let me explain to you what that entails. Thanks to Trojan viruses, I can gain complete access to your computer or any other device that you own.
It means that I can see absolutely everything in your screen and switch on the camera as well as microphone at any point of time without your permission.
In addition, I can also access and see your confidential information as well as your emails and chat messages.

You may be wondering why your antivirus cannot detect my malicious software.
Let me break it down for you: I am using harmful software that is driver-based,
which refreshes its signatures on 4-hourly basis, hence your antivirus is unable to detect it presence.

I have made a video compilation, which shows on the left side the scenes of you happily masturbating,
while on the right side it demonstrates the video you were watching at that moment…ᵔ.ᵔ

All I need is just to share this video to all email addresses and messenger contacts of people you are in communication with on your device.
Furthermore, I can also make public all your emails and chat history.

I believe you would definitely want to avoid this from happening.
Here is what you need to do - transfer the Bitcoin equivalent of 500 USD to my Bitcoin account
(that is rather a simple process, which you can check out online in case if you don’t know how to do that).

Below is my bitcoin account information (Bitcoin wallet):

Once the required amount is transferred to my account, I will proceed with deleting all those videos and disappear from your life once and for all.
Kindly ensure you complete the abovementioned transfer within 58 hours (2 days +).
I will receive a notification right after you open this email, hence the countdown will start.

Trust me, I am very careful, calculative and never make mistakes.
If I discover that you shared this message with others, I will straight away proceed with making your private videos public.

Take care and have a good day.

Per +1 (855) 454-6633 that I’d called after using Google to find the phone number for Linode today, 04-May-2023, the man who answered with an American accent told me to go to the following URL to report the extorting email that I received:

h t t p s : / / w w w . l i n o d e . c o m / l e g a l - a b u s e /

I have reported today this extorting email, 04-May-2023, on that URL linode.com/legal-abuse.

I asked him if it would be okay if I posted to a website this URL in case anybody else gets one of these Linode extortion emails. He said it would be great if I did so. I did NOT mention that URL/Name of this website but explained that the site has users who bait scammers and harass scammers and report scammers. He said that what we are trying to do is great and he thanked me for both reporting at the Linode URL and for posting on this site how others can report any Linode extortion email.

Linode is involved with Cloud server, hosting, and compute services. It is a legitimate company in and of itself it seems. It seems that one of their customers is sending this extorting email.

I just wanted to create a thread in this site in case anybody else receives such an email and wants to report to the Linode company the extorting and/or fraudulent email.

I have not received before any extorting email from [email protected]

Please let me know though if I should delete this thread that I am creating.

I received from the email address [email protected] an email today, 04-May-2023, confirming that I reported the extorting email to that URL of the Linode cloud services company today.

EDIT #2:
Just for the PUBLIC RECORD, concerning the following part of the email that seeks to extort from the recipient, I do NOT masturbate … in FRONT of the computer as I go AWAY from the computer to masturbate somewhere more comfortable :crazy_face::

I have made a video compilation, which shows on the left side the scenes of you happily masturbating,
while on the right side it demonstrates the video you were watching at that moment

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why the hell from linode.com domain?

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The guy today that answered at Linode the +1 (855) 454-6633 phone number that I found on the internet for Linode using Google said that one of their customers might be misusing the service from Linode for which the extorting/fraudulent customer is paying. I am not knowledgeable about “cloud services” and such, but he seemed to say that I can report to Linode the extorting email that one of their customers is sending. He said something about how the malicious customer of Linode might be using a domain server connected to the Linode service for which the malicious customer of Linode is paying.

Like I said though, I do not pretend to understand exactly how the extorting email has the “members.linode.com” in its email address.

Maybe some other users who are WAY MORE tech savvy than me might be able to explain.

From this following URL I found some more information it seems about this Linode company including “Linode is a cloud hosting provider that focuses on providing Linux powered virtual machines to support a wide range of applications. Given its roots, many experts do not see it as a beginner-friendly”:

What is Linode? - Servers, Datacenters, Pricing & More.

Here is the URL to this Linode company’s website.

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I received an email from Linode and per the request I replied to their email to give them the contents of the View Source code of the extorting email. Specifically they wanted the Headers but I gave them all of the View Source code of the email that tries to extort Bitcoin.