"Extended Warranty" SCAMMERS (multiple numbers/languages)

Associated Phone Numbers:
(800) 761-6290 (English)
(800) 251-3820 (Spanish)
(844) 305-8059 (Website/new protection plans)
(877) 517-9966 (Website/service or claims)

According to user reports, the numbers belong to "National Vehicle Protection Services,* which frequently solicits victims about their “vehicle’s extended warranty” through compromised VoIP lines and, in my case, the mailbox.

There have been several complaints about the company on the Better Business Bureau, alleging misleading and high-pressure sales and advertising practices in regards to being “associated with the manufacturer/dealer” when they aren’t.

Associated Website - NVPS - Extended Car Warranty Services | Vehicle Protection Plan (nationalvehicleprotection.com)

A WhoIs lookup reveals the domain was registered via GoDaddy on October 22, 2009 (Updated November 25, 2019) - Whois nationalvehicleprotection.com

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

A WhoIs lookup reveals the domain was registered via GoDaddy on November 22, 2010 (Updated October 29, 2019) - Whois nvps-inc.com

Associated Physical Address - 2040 Little Hills Expy, Saint Charles, MO 63301-3743

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There’s a special place in hell for warranty scammers.


Warranty scammers are best dealt with by financial losses. As some have discussed previously the TCPA allows private right of action against TCPA violators. That obviously doesn’t apply to Social Security scammers, refund scammers etc based in India or Pakistan because there is no jurisdiction over their illegal activities in US law.

That being said the warranty scammers in the US and most other US based telemarketers can be pursued for TCPA related damages. There are some companies that are either fly by night or with no assets to attach that this doesn’t make sense but I’ve settled with six different companies (two of whom were Lead Generators in Pakistan ironically) to the tune of about $12,000. In those cases, the US based insurance companies turned on them because the lead Generators hadn’t scrubbed their call lists against the Do Not Call Registry.

I’m not going to shill for the developers of different websites and techniques here as that is not my role. Here I am a scambaiter just like all of you. That being said, if you really want to slow down your incoming calls all you have to do is settle with a few of them and you are actually placed on the “Blacklist” of known litigators of TCPA violators. My call volume is down 95%. I still receive a few calls now and then but I am now on the real Do Not Call list that is maintained by The Blacklist Alliance.

I still love harassing scammers and I feel I am providing a public service while doing so but the best thing we can do collectively is to hit them in the pocket. Again scambaiting is the only tool available for the overseas scammers but companies with a US presence can be pursued. It takes persistence, knowledge of the law and good record keeping but it’s a very lucrative way of fighting back against robocalling scum.