Europol Impersonators fell for a grabify

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they will respond

im back!

Email sender: Good Morning.
Indeed, you have committed a crime because on pornographic and naughty sites there are often minors. Some pornographic and child pornography advertisements are formally prohibited for access by European law.

We are not here to create problems for you, but the protection of minors and vulnerable people is our priority.

That said, we are going to subject you to an article of justice that will allow you very well to expose yourself without making this case public and without compromising your reputation. We present the following cases :

1-legal PROCEDURE: the judge can take the necessary measures to prosecute you and make the case public, thereby deterring other people who will have fun playing this game on the net.

2-amicable settlement: the legal system could resolve this issue amicably, so in this case of resolution, you will have to pay a criminal fine of 5020 euros provided for this purpose by national legislation.

You then have the right to the immediate closure of the file and to your insertion in our IP security program (SIP) and threatened blocking of criminal interference (BIIC) by our cyber robots, after having sent us accurate information about certain internet habits that we will ask you in case you deny being directly guilty of these facts.

If no choice is made, our report will be sent to the Office of Mrs. Myriam Quéméner, assistant prosecutor at the Créteil court and specialist in cybercrime to draw up an arrest warrant against you, send it to the gendarmerie and carry out your arrest to take you to the buildings of the judicial police.

You will be registered as a sex offender and risk between 5 and 10 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros.

So We are still waiting for an answer to start the procedure to be based on the option you choose from the two options mentioned above.



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