Ending Scamming!

I got all the e-mails from scammers and from the most dangerous of them so here is a e-mail I wrote to them:

Why are you scamming people with your fake support that is worth nothing but shit.We all know you are scammers who think scamming is cool.It is not so do not do it.I have all your phone numbers and e-mail addresses so I can call and e-mail you whenever I want scammers.

Let me see what you are going to do now when I post this message on to YouTube you scammers.You are the most dangerous but all of us that hate you will make you stop.I am going to give all your numbers to YouTube and if you change it I will change it to with the rest of the community who hates you.

I might as well contact the authorities but you are lucky I am not.So you better end this before I do and good luck at scamming people because the new young that are just born in between the years 2010-13 will not get scammed as well as the elderlies.This might be the last year as 'Tech Support' so better watch out and all of you go get a life please.

This is the last thing I am going to say to you:




To be honest, i don’t think thats going to stop them.