Email scammer is tired of scambaiters ๐Ÿ˜‚

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: Re: am not active on whatsapp my love

Just thought iโ€™d share this 419 scammer email to help boost morale that we are indeed annoying them. look at the end :joy:


My Love,

I am very happy to see your letter once again, I have a feeling that you are an honest person because of that honesty I choose you TO HAVE THIS CONFIDENTIAL deal WITH YOU. Dear, I want to inquire from you if you can handle a transaction for mutual benefits/life opportunity for you and me. You know ,as i told you earlier, I am the Bank Auditor in Bank Rakyat Indonesia

I Have an Opportunity to the Sum of Nineteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$19.500.000.00),to transfer into your bank account over there in your country , I will provide the full details of this business transaction when once we known each other as business is with trust. I personally contacted you and you alone . Because of the love and trust i have bestowed on you . That is why i took some days to know little about you. Now we must solidify our relationship with trust and this trust we must start it now, i would not like you to betray this trust i have in your since the day i saw you first, my heart told me that you are the right man for me and that would handle this proposal well for two of us.

The fund will be shared at the ratio of 58% for me. 40% for you and 2% will be set aside to cover any expenses and tax in your bank . We will use the fund, there in your country to build companies and for investment which both of us would manage. Please this is an honest request for you and i to keep this deal between us alone, please dear, make this transaction a top secret because we do not have to trust anyway, unless you and i aloneโ€ฆ

Please treat this business proposal with utmost confidentiality and send me the following Informationโ€™s.

  1. Full Name, address

  2. Identification copy

Thanks, and best regards.

Thuma M Sc.(ECONS)

Telephone : +6285736235022

NOTE: do not call me when am at work, you can SMS me, or wait when i close from work , you call the number. You can call me between (12:00 UTC/GMT through 16:00 UTC/GMT)
NOTE: I do not entertain nasty comments especially when it is for nude and things that are immoral.


Yea , this person sure wouldnโ€™t engage in any , , IMMORAL activity