Email scam with phone number & email

How do I call UK numbers with FireRTC? Anyway here is the email I got:

"Dearest Brother in Christ.
Greetings once again in the name of God,

Thanks for your detailed email which comprises of all the requested information that i need from you to enable me process this letter of authorization in your favor. I also thank you for your tremendous concern towards the plight of the less privileged which prompted you to reply in good time to enhance the speedy transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account. Having shown convincing interest in carrying out my last will, my banker will proceed to let you know what to do without any hesitation.

These are the direct numbers of the banker in charge of your payment +44-703-599-6107, his name is Mr. Greg Smith, the bank is Santander Uk Bank Plc and his email address of the bank manager is: [email protected]

you should contact the banker first by phone or send with your full information so that he will start the documentation process of the funds claim, let him know that i have legally assigned you with the responsibility to act as my next of kin and has thus been given the official mandate to lay claim to my fund and he should tell you what next to do without delays to ensure that the fund is promptly evacuated into your bank account.

You are at liberty to disburse the funds accordingly for the purpose of charity as clearly stated in my introductory memo, Your wealth of experience will go a long way in making sure the fund is evenly distributed to any charity home of your choice.

The transaction is not a hoax and i want you to always have that at the back of your mind. Please follow it up to the best of your ability by ensuring that the fund gets transferred into your bank account.

I await your prompt response .

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Nasir"


To call his number add 011 before the +44 like:

011 44-703-599-6107

@memes#11454 Thanks a lot :slight_smile: