email pls help

I received a email from some one names Eric Marshall saying he was attorney general and going to arrest me for a default loan how do I know if email is legit this is email ([email protected])

It’s definitely a scam

First clue,, no legitimate Attorney General would use a Gmail address for official business.

Second clue, the Attorney General doesn't arrest people, police and sheriff's do.

Third clue, Attorney General doesn't go after people who default on loans.

Total scam.


Thanks for the reply im going to mess with this email :wink: [email protected] wish me luck


I sent them an IP trapping email, hopefully they will fall for it.

image screen-shot-2018-06-20-at-125002-pmpng.png![image screen-shot-2018-06-20-at-125002-pmpng.png](replace/assets/files/2018-06-20/16:50:260-screen-shot-2018-06-20-at-125002-pmpng.png)

THAT’S what he emailed me back!!!

Yes its a scam I just called that number he e mailed you back and its a google voice number,

I sent him this, I HOPE SO MUCH that he will click on that link!!!

image socialpng.png![image socialpng.png](replace/assets/files/2018-06-20/17:22:480-socialpng.png)