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Subject: Success! Your cloud storage plan upgraded #GTT5217417

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Order ID GTT5217417
Hi [email protected] ,

Your iCloud order has been placed successfully.

Thank you for upgrading your storage! We hope to process this order by today only .
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Order ID GTT5217417
Order placed on Mon, 11 Oct,2021 View Details
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Cloud Storage Plan

Storage 20TB Devices 5 Plan Annual

Price $ 1289.49

Plan Date 11 Oct $ 1289.49
Sub Total $ 1289.49

Total Amount $ 1289.49
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[email protected] Mode of Payment
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Damn! At 320 pm Central, from my TextNow number I called (855) 742-3531 and it said the number is no longer in service. Wait, I think if I called this phone number in the past and IF this (855) 742-3531 is a TextNow number and they blocked my TextNow number, I think that I would get the “number is not in service” message.

3:21 pm Central, I am calling (855) 742-3531 from my Unknown Number VOIP phone … I got a busy signal. That is strange to get a “busy signal” nowadays. I tried again from my Unknown Number VOIP and the 2nd time I got “this is not a valid number.”

These criminals are not very active for a Monday! They have not been very active today considering it is a Monday that is beginning the week. Even the phone numbers posted today on Bob’s website have been sparse and in some cases have not been answering.

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