Email Accounts / Cant use VOIP line to verify

I just tried to sign up for a new GMail and Yahoo email address. However I’ve hit a roadblock. When I fill my details and click next, both are asking for a phone number.

I thought no problem I got text working on voip so entered my voip line and hit next… But these two email providers appear to know this is a VOIP line and have blocked it for verification purposes.

How / where can I get an email address without having to verify a phone number? Thx :slight_smile:

1 Like allows voip lines, at least it let me.

Use it can use textnow maybe, but if you look up phone numbers for gmail SMS. Use those numbers and t will work on hotmail. Hotmail is also a large provider so it wont be sketchy.

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I’m sure you mean OUTLOOK as that’s what hotmail was previously rebranded to basically. And nope voip lines don’t work on either, nor do the online sms numbers.

Tried or I have many accounts on stuff running these.

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That wasn’t the case for me, another option is to use some other less known email providers.


Turns out Microsoft doesn’t care so I have hotmail and protonmail :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:


DeeVeeArrrrrr :smiley:

I will try I don’t want to use mail2tor and give away that I am an advanced user.

Update: Microsoft locked my account and demanded a phone number, when I enter my VOIP line it says it cannot send text messages to the number (even though I have text enabled)

Looks like ProtonMail is the only one. I will try and look for others now that I lost my Microsoft account.

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It is so annoying how hard they make things. It makes things not just harder for scammers but also for us! Any luck?

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