Ebay Support Scam

Scammer’s Number:

Search up “ebay.com help” an ad may appear.

Extra Info: EBAY Support Scammers

Something like those numbers:

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Can you provide more info?
example: sample email you received / screenshot

Told them that I ordered an iphone 12 on ebay, 5 days ago and it wasn’t delivered.
They asked me for order number. I provided them with some random number.
They wanted me to install anydesk on my phone.
Kept giving them random 9 digit number for anydesk id.
They got pissed off and hung up.


Me and my trio absolutely trolled them

Now I’m getting the following message.
“We’re experiencing a technical problem. Please try your call later…”

Cb scammer 805 600 3059
Hates Americans says he makes 19k a month

I think they took down the number after I called them

Number is inactive

2021-07-20 T 1824 EST

Yep, I called them for an ebay order and they asked me to install anydesk. I realized it right away that it is a scam.

They are impersonating businesses.


Got through like 10 times. Cursed at in Hindi. They must be flooded asap please!